The Pfurst Family Diaries

Phillip Samuel Pfurst once held his six-year-old granddaughter, Philless, on his lap and said, “Sweetie, what I’m about to tell you might be difficult to grasp right now. But in time you’ll come to understand that God created America to be home for the world’s first and only TeraCorp―a giant corporation that includes all the world’s businesses under one roof. And God created the Pfurst family to run His TeraCorp. That’s why we sing God Bless America.”

Years later, Phillip Samuel Pfurst—CEO, chairman of the board, majority stockholder of Pfurst Enterprises WorldWide, and patriarch of America’s most respected family—is crippled in a plane crash during his run for the presidency. Philless, now her grandfather’s chief of staff, blames the accident on terrorists. To prove it, however, she needs an ally in the Oval Office, so she tells her twin brother it’s his duty to carry out their grandfather’s vision.

Young Phillip reluctantly puts aside his dream of being a great rock ‘n’ roll impresario and enters the world of politics. Problems arise when a series of diaries by a Pfurst ancestor are uncovered, challenging the family’s squeaky-clean image and jeopardizing Phillip’s run for the presidency.

The Pfurst Family Diaries presents a playful, satirical, account of Philless’ efforts to avenge her grandfather, while at the same time rewriting history, getting her brother elected president, and creating a super-efficient TeraCorp with a supreme executive office—or SEXO—at the helm.