29 Jul

Before ‘DT’ there was PS Squared.

I’m 84 years old–I never expected to live this long., but then who does? I was born on he West Coast and lived my adult life on the East Coast. I tried my hand at dozens of different occupations, from bartender to dance instructor; from drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico to corporate rep in Washington, DC; from learning IBM’s massive computers to gardening in NYC’s Central Park; from publicist to acting in soap operas; from working on the Walter Cronkite staff at CBS to working with ethnologist Dr. Peter Mahler at Rockefeller U.  There were other jobs too silly to mention. The job that I always came back to was writing. I’ve written several books–two have been published. My latest book is entitled “The Pfurst Family Diaries.” It was written over a period of ten years and it’s about a very rich family that isn’t satisfied with their enormous wealth and power. To their way of thinking, competition is wasteful and monopoly is a synonym for efficiency. The book is a satirical look at America’s history with the accent on the present. Never did I realize when I was writing the book that fiction would become fact. My book can be found on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and at AbbottPress.com.I hope it puts a smile on your face.

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