20 Jul

The Pfurst Family Diaries was written before the wizard of high finance decided to shower the world with his benevolence. The “Diaries” foretell what happens when he American voters grow weary of their wasteful, inefficient, dysfunctional democracy and replace it with a super-efficient TeraCorp, headed by a supreme executive officer (SEXO). In this new reality, monopoly–minus the square entitled “go directly to jail”–becomes the game of choice. Congress is abolished, the White House becomes the SEXO’s executive suite, and Capitol Hill becomes the TeraCorp’s world headquarters, thus saving the taxpayers trillions of dollars in wasteful administrative expenses.

In the TeraCorp, history is compressed thanks to Squat–a new soft drink that provides enormous energy while reducing long-term memories. With Squat, one month is ancient history, while one week is within one’s living memory, and long-established standards become barriers to “doing your own thing.” The book satirizes the Pfurst family, its history, and the American voters.

Hi. I’m Richard Soares, the author of the Pfurst Family Diaries. It’s my third novel. My first book made it as far as the garbage can. A literary agent described it as a “250 page resume!” That was a fair assessment considering I’ve always had trouble remaining employed for any length of time.

My second book was an auto-bio. I ghosted it for my brother who was a well-known gambling cheat in Nevada. The book, entitled “loaded Dice”, was the story of five people employed in the casinos of Vegas who decided they could greatly increase their incomes if they worked against the casinos rather than for them. Amazingly, they succeeded. In time, though, they all ended up on Social Security–easy come, easy go!

My third novel tells the story of the Pfurst family, with the focus on Phillip Samuel Pfurst-Steen (PS Squared),  and his inevitable rise to ultimate power.

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